Product Facts / Info

  • Automated selling system designed for the new age entrepreneur

  • Infinitely Scalable Digital Marketplace Platform Like Amazon or Itunes!

  • Brand Customizable / White label / Custom Branded Solution!

  • Built In Affiliate Program!

  • Allow Sellers / Vendors to sell their digital products on YOUR network!

  • Quick Launch: We Get Your New Marketplace platform up and running as soon as within 48 hours!

  • Save $$$ and TIME: Eliminate years of frustrating development time / testing time (at least 2 years) and MONEY (at least $60,000) with a team of inexperienced web designers / developers and buy a proven feature rich Marketplace Platform today!

  • Get ahead of all of your so called competitors and earn while you sleep with transactions going through 24 hours a day!


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  Check out our product page for all the up to date information regarding our EXV Universe Adromeda Digital Marketplace Platform.


Key Features

Intuitive Admin Controls

Easy to use interface. User dashboard with activity tracking. Track registered users, products uploaded/downloaded, gross sales and more at any time. Manage Site Admin Controls, User accounts, All Files, and Site Pages. Website Earnings & Performance Tracking shows the past 26 weeks performance for easy accounting, last week and current week’s performance for the entire site!


User registration

Users / Customers can register for accounts and profiles. User dashboard with activity tracking. Secure File upload and download capability


UserSocial Marketing Tools

Built-in viral marketing capability. Ability to embed up to 10 files at once in external websites, blogs, emails, or other internet communication and posting platforms. Our trending searches functionality, categories, features products/packages, recent uploads keep all the latest relevant activity on your marketplace - on tap automatically. Share twitter, facebook, twitter, linked In, rss feeds, etc on every page.


Revolutionary Affiliate Program

Affiliate Marketing system built-in. All users are automatically an affiliates of network and can refer customers to ANY product on your marketplace! Can create product embedding code by filename, search keyword or category.


Branding Customization (optional)

Perfect for businesses with their own logo, business name and brand. This is also ideal if you have a business name in mind but you need our help in developing the finished branding touches to your custom marketplace.


Built-in SEO

Easily searchable with built-in, easy to manage SEO tools like marketplace blog (manage and post in your marketplace blog in the admin). Individual product pages, seller, and user / consumer account pages are designed with Search Engine Optimization firmly in mind. Keywords, #hashtags, anything searched and typed will be indexed throughly.


Payment Processing

Verified billing / payment system with PAYPAL. Our Marketplace platform automatically tracks payment due to sellers. Automatically process sales from sellers to consumers 24 hours per day. Pay your sellers directly through the Marketplace Network Admin.


How Does It All Work?

EXV Andromeda was created with the new age internet entreprenuer in mind with a sleek intuitive interface and admin control at your finger tips. Once you have purchased and set up your marketplace to go live (launched within 48 hours of purchase!) you are now open for business. You can allow sellers to open an account on your marketplace to promote / sell their own digital products (Mobile Apps, graphic design files, website templates, stock photos, music, movies / videos, etc). This puts you in a position to leverage the efforts of other active companies in your industry and around the world while providing buyers with a one-stop location to perform comparative shopping for the products offered in your marketplace. Like Amazon, you're able to generate revenue from every transaction that comes through your marketplace 24/7 even while sleeping. Watch sellers connect with buyers, even helping you sell your own products by driving traffic and awareness to your site.

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What Do I Get With My Purchase?

Here you will find the functionality / services included in each payment option for the EXV Andromeda marketplace platform. (Click on the learn more link for specific plans

All EXV Andromeda package plans come with the marketplace platform installation / configuration, $100 goggle adwords advertisement credit, free 24 hours support, free domain, etc . In addition to some of our basic services, we offer the following features in our premium plans: Unlimited hosting (bandwidth / storage), Custom Graphics / Branding, Marketing Consultation, Custom Domain, & LIFETIME UPGRADES!


Pre-Branded Marketplaces Available for sale



Your Business is important to us. Be sure to contact us and let us know if you have any questions about your order, have any custom ideas that you would like built for your project, or any inquiry you may have.